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Task managemant software

When time is money and staff time are important

Easy and User-friendly

Incredibly easy to use and provides a good overview of your staff

SMS Notifications

Automatically sends out SMS in case of alarm on a given task, when employee hasn't logged in as planned, or employee hasn't logged out as planned

Satisfaction survey

Possibility for real-time quality control

Eazy implementation

Works everywhere on PC and smart phones

One Month FREE Trial!

Cleaning - Industry Tool

Eazycleaning.com is a brilliant tool There are specific Targeted the cleaning industry.

Contract cleaning , window cleaning , Extra tasks , quality control , customer visits and complaints - familiar words in the industry , which all is within the Eazycleaning system . All gathered in one place.



  • Eazy and user friendly.
  • Simple to use - one click to log in. It does not get easier.
  • Simple to use - always 100% overview of the time consumption.
  • Everything documented with GPS signals.
  • Never again, the experience of the customer calling with complaints of not having get cleaned, as payed for.


  • Simple to implement - No installation lengthy manual to read.
  • Works on both iOS and Android.
  • Umlimited simultanious users.
  • Can be used for contract cleaning, additional cleaning, window cleaning, customer visits and quality control.
  • Build in message system.
  • With or without QR code, it's all up to you, but everything still documented.


  • Contract Cleaning
  • Additionel Task
  • Window Cleaning
  • Customer visits
  • Quality Control
  • Claims


The first month is always FREE of charge and absolutely risk free!

If you decide to continue using the system after the trial period, we guarentee you great service and some of the most competitive prices in the market.

Want us to help you all the way, Start up commision Euro 350,00


On this page you can follow what is going to happen with eazycleaning.com in the future

We have divided them for the short term, the longer and the very long run ... Do you have a which for something that isn´t on the list, please send them to us, we are always open, so do not hold back - your opinion is worth gold

Note that our roadmap is indicative only and continuously changed / updated.

The short term
Ability to deactivate customer, delivery addresses, tasks - e.g. the holiday
Possibility of distribution of hours each day
Adding the address field in the App part by additional tasks
Possibility of service manager to view the app's future quality control visits, and customer visits

The slightly longer term
Interactive weekplanner for employees who can be seen on the app
Integrating individual report designer for worksheets etc.

The long term
Ability to view documentation
Possibility of adhesion of work specifications, data sheets, etc.
Integration with various accounting systems including e-conomic, c5, etc..

As well as a lot of other things that are secret until now....


  • All
  • Design
  • Technology


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